Located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri and home to 7,816 people, the Ivanhoe neighborhood is experiencing a period of unprecedented renaissance. The renaissance began in 1997 when Alan A. Young and his wife took the lead in organizing prayer vigils that resulted in the closing of 6 drug houses and revitalization of the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council.

We visited the thriving Ivanhoe Neighborhood in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. It is a busy place during the garden growing seasons. Spring, Summer and Fall ...

The Ivanhoe Farmers’ Market is set to kick-off the summer by celebrating its 2016 Grand Opening Friday, June 10, at 3700 Woodland, next to the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council.

The open-air seasonal market, located in the urban core Ivanhoe neighborhood, will be open every Friday from 5-7 p.m through September.

The Grand Opening event features fresh produce, artisan crafts, live music entertainment, a children’s play area and much more. This is the fifth year that the Ivanhoe Farmers’ Market will be open for the summer season.

We take great pride in announcing that our organization has met the qualifications to become an United Way Agency, a major accomplishment that we have been pursuing for a number of years! The three-year grant will provide funding assistance for our Positive Alternatives for Youth Programs, including the addition of college preparedness classes. We are grateful to the United Way for this opportunity!