Ivanhoe "A Thriving Community"

About INC:

The Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council (INC) is a Missouri 501(c)3 that focuses on building a clean, beautiful, safe, and thriving neighborhood in the Ivanhoe Community. INC offers several youth and family programs aimed at helping the community thrive.

The Ivanhoe community is located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri and home to over 7,800 people; individuals and families who believe in and support their community. The neighborhood boundaries span from 31st Street to Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., and Prospect to Paseo Blvd.

Our beautiful, thriving neighborhood is experiencing a period of unprecedented renaissance! This transformation began in 1997 when Alan A. Young and his wife took the lead in organizing prayer vigils resulting in the closing of 6 drug houses and the revitalization of the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council. Visit us and learn more!