Job Description: Rehab/Facility Manager

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council (INC)
Job Description: Rehab/Facility Manager

The Rehab/Facility Manager position is a Full-time, Exempt position that reports directly to the Executive Director (ED) of INC. The Rehab/Facility Manager will provide direction and leadership for the Minor Home Repair Program, oversight of INC’s and IvanHome’s properties (buildings and lots), and upkeep and maintenance of the Nutter Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center. The Rehab/Facility Manager will also assist the ED with new Housing and Commercial Development.


Minor Home Program
• Market program to residents
• Receive and approve applications based on HUD qualifications
• Inspect homes to determine needed repairs
• Prioritize and select homes for repair
• Identify and select qualified contractors, approve their bids and monitor their work
• Arrange for final inspection of completed repairs
• Ensure timely and proper filing of deed restrictions for completed work
• Ensure flow of communication with homeowner and contractors throughout the repair process
• Maintain accurate invoice and payment documents; program records and prepare timely and accurate reports
Property Management
• Ensure proper and timely upkeep and maintenance of Nutter Ivanhoe Neighborhood Center
• Arrange for building inspections and permits as necessary
• Monitor properties owned by INC and IvanHome to make sure appropriate actions are taken, as needed
• Manage the Lawn Maintenance program
• Receive and review requests for purchase of INC/IvanHome property; make recommendations to the Ivanhoe Housing, Economic Development and Jobs Committee
Housing/Commercial Development
Assist with the new housing programs, providing technical assistance in project concept, design and construction management.
• Participate in project and construction meetings, ensure flow of communication throughout the construction process
• Provide guidance and advice to support development activities
• Manage acquisition of properties from purchase and sale agreement to closing and escrow
• Manage internal responsibilities for securing all land use and building permits
• Manage internal responsibilities for site control, security and utilization

• Provide routine, accurate and timely updates to the Ivanhoe Housing, Development and Jobs Committee
• Make presentations to the Ivanhoe Board and partners, as needed
• Other duties as assigned

Education, Experience and Qualifications
• Education – High School diploma
• 3 years experience in home repair work
• 5 years experience in project and staff supervision
• Experience working in diverse groups
• Proven ability to manage multiple projects
• Proven ability to organize, plan, set appropriate priorities and multi-task
• Effective oral and written communication skills
• Proficient in MS Word and Excel
• Displays behavior that displays a commitment to the Ivanhoe mission, vision and values
• Displays a high level of honesty, integrity and work ethic
Certificates, Licenses, Registrations – Valid MO Driver’s License